A Little Bit of Spanish Phonetics

Each Spanish vowel makes its own unique sound, and it will always make that sound:

A                      E                      I                       O                     U

Ahh                 Ehh                  Eee                  Ohh                 Ooh

Water              Never             Even                Whole             Loofa

Certain letters change their sound when paired with other letters:
(Key: G= sounds like the g in girl, but somewhat softer. H= sounds like the h in hurry, but a little more forceful. K= sounds like the C in cat, but somewhat softer. S= like an S!).

Combo:           Example:         Sound:             Combo:           Example:         Sound:

Ga-                  Garganta         Ga                    Gua-                 Guardia             Gwa
Ge-                  General            He                   Gue-                 Guerra                Ge
Gi-                   Gigante            Hi                    Gui-                  Guillermo         Gi
Go-                  Gordo               Go                    Guo-                Antiguo              Gwo

Ca-                  Cada                 Ka                    Cua-                  Cuadro              Kwa
Ce-                  Cerrar              Se                    Cue-                   Cuerpo             Kwe
Ci-                   Ciego               Si                      Cui-                   Cuidado            Kwi
Co-                  Como               Ko                    Cuo-                   Cuota               Kwo

Note: To make the [ke] or [ki] sounds:

Que-                Querer             Ke
Qui-                 Quinto             Ki


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